To help you build Nemo's cathouse, the Catalpine Family made a video just for you !


You'll need :

  • Nemo's cathouse

  • 30m de laces (with a diameter of 0.3mm)

  • a lighter

  • cisors

The laces' sizes :

  • 3-holes piece : you'll need 10 laces of 14 cm.

  • 5-holes piece : you'll need 10 laces of 21 cm.

  • 7-holes piece : you'll need 77 laces of 30 cm.

  • 9-holes piece : you'll need 5 laces of 35 cm.


Number of pieces for each kind :

Step by step :

The big day has finally arrived : you just receved Nemo's cathouse to build from Catalpine ! Inside of it, you'll find the 60 wood pieces you'll need. If you chose to not get the laces with us, you'll need one of 30 meters with a diameter of 0.3mm. 

1.  First step : cut the laces as shown in the video.

2.  Once you've cut the laces, burn the edges with a lighter (be careful !).


A the end, the laces should have a thin edge and a flat edge.

3. Once all the laces are ready, the only thing left to do is assemble the pieces one at a time. First, start by assembling the top of the cathouse (as shown in the video). Then, you just have to assemble the pieces by going up. You'll finish the cathouse being upside down.


Do not hesitate to tie the knots hardly because they're going to relax while you'll finish assembling the cathouse.

4.  Once the cathouse is over, install the Une fois la niche terminée, installez à l’intérieur un plaid ou un coussin bien douillet pour atteindre un confort maximal.