This diamond-shaped cat house is designed by designers to offer your pet its own cozy nest that will provide comfort and security during the long hours of rest it needs.The primary desire of this niche is to become a real decorative element for your interior that will meet the needs of your pet.To print this cat house to scale 1 at once you can use a high volume printer like the Creality CR10 4s or the Tronxy X4 or the Wanhao duplicator 9.If you do not have a large format printer you can also print it in several parts with a printer with a 200 x 200 x 200 mm print format, and assemble them using the connectors and glue.At scale 1, the dimensions are suitable for a small cat. If your cat is bigger you can, of course, increase the scale..

Cat house Diams (File for 3D printer)

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  • This cat house can be printed in one piece or in several parts depending on the size of the printer you have.

    At scale 1, the dimensions are: width and depth 39 cm and height 30 cm.

    We achieve a very nice PLA finish with a layer height of 0.15 mm, a shell thickness of 1.2 mm and a 10% filling, without support.

    For a better rendering and very good assembly precision, we advise you to print the parts in the same position as on the STL file provided.

    • File ready to download and print in 3D

    • Design in France

    • Dimensions at scale 1 : length : 38 cm, depth : 38 cm, height : 30 cm

    • The cat is not sold with the cathouse.
    • Le chat n'est pas vendu avec la niche.



Nos produits sont conçus et frabriqués en France.


Nos produits sont conçus et frabriqués en France.


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